Kevin Nightingale

Kevin M Nightingale is currently finishing his last year of chiropractic school in Buffalo, New York. He is working with the New York Chiropractic College outpatient clinic and also interns with affiliations of the school at the Salvation Army and with Buffalo Gladiators semi-pro football team. He is pursuing other internships with the Buffalo Bandits professional lacrosse team, and at the University of Buffalo health care center.

His interests are within natural healthcare emphasizing prevention and rehabilitation without the use of drugs or surgery. Treating the whole-body with education, optimal nutrition, homeopathy, soft tissue manipulation, and chiropractic treatment, have consistently delivered extraordinary results.

Optimal nutrition is essential for every biochemical pathway in the body. Proper nutrition through diet and supplementation is critical for fighting off and preventing disease, supporting and repairing injured tissues, preventing the effects of free radical oxidation, and aging. Overfarming and genetic variations are depleting our crops of essential vitamins and minerals. It is time for each individual to take on the roles and responsibilities of educating themselves and maximizing their own health.

DaVinci Laboratories continues to produce the highest of quality vitamins and nutritional supplements that set industry standards. DaVinci Labs uses raw ingredients and are guaranteed to contain no artificial flavorings, preservatives, colors, sweeteners or other foreign agents unless otherwise stated on their labels. Despite large investments put into their research and development the costs of the vitamins remains low and affordable. DaVinci Labs only sells their vitamins through the referral of a health care professional and does not sell through large retail stores.

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Kevin M Nightingale


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Kevin Nightingale